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Love to add plants to your space but find it challenging to find time to give great care to them ? Need to decorate your space but find it challenging to find area with direct sunlight ? You may wanna consider these indoor/house plants called Fittonia. They are also known as Nerve or Mosaic plants. They are native to tropical rainforest in South (Latin - yes half the world away) America. Fittonia can grow to 10-15 cm tall. They have lush green leaves with prominent veins of white to deep pink and short fuzz covering their stems. Fittonia are flowering plants with small white to off-white colour flowers. Small buds may appear after time where the stem splits into leaves. Fittonia does not do well in full sunlight, can work in indirect or dapples sunlight. Best of all, they thrive under fluorescent lights (💡office & home environment). Fittonia is known to “faint” if you do not water them for a few days (DAYS not weeks or months hor), but is easily revived with a quick mist/shower/watering and they will be back to health. Fittonia also make it to the non-toxic houseplants. That is to say, if you have kids or pets, rest assured these plants are safe for them. (Source - Sold this lot to a very nice buyer for her to use them as presents. I have another 9 to let go and will post pics in another listing soon. They come in cute and colorful anti-NEA pot, that will brighten up your space. In addition, they also come with organic soil with compost mix to ensure you are getting a healthy plant that will grow taller and stronger. They do make very nice gifts to your friends, colleagues, housewarming etc, in addition to addition to adding colors to your own space. Sold this batch of plants with my organic MOG to the same buyer & her feedback is in pic#2. Thank you very much for your support, Jolene ! Pls chat if interested. Thank you for viewing !

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