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Gigged: the gig economy, the end of the job and the future of work




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Sign up My Books Browse ▾ Community ▾ Join Goodreads and meet your next favorite book! Sign Up Now Book details Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work by Sarah Kessler  3.64  299 ratings  46 reviews Want to Read  Rate Write a review "With deep reporting and graceful storytelling, Sarah Kessler reveals the ground truth of a key part of the American workforce. Her analysis is both astute and nuanced, making GIGGED essential reading for anyone interested in the future of work." ... More Get a copy Amazon  Stores  Libraries Friends’ Reviews To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up . Community Reviews  Peter Mcloughlin rated it really liked it about 1 year ago Shelves: 00001bad-things , 1990-to-2019 , american-history , computers , economics , general-history ,late-capitalism , law , nonfiction , owned-books ,politics , psychology , technology Capitalism uses cutting edge technology to screw workers. Old Wine, New Bottles. Uber, Mechanical Turk are innovative methods for pushing down wages, shedding benefits, putting all risk on workers in the name of being your own boss as an independent contractor. You are scrub ...more Like  Likes:12  Phil Simon rated it it was amazing about 1 year ago Shelves: business A few years ago, I thought about writing a book on the gig economy. On many levels, I knew that it was going to be a big deal and recent events have only underscored its importance. I'm glad that I didn't. I couldn't have done a better job than Sarah Kessler did. A gifted stor ...more Like  Likes:5  Stephanie Buck rated it it was amazing about 1 year ago Just finished Gigged, by the brilliant writer Sarah Kessler. Over 6 years she reported on the rise of the gig economy, the countless enumerations on Uber’s model (Uber but for cat food!), and the folks who get swept into the promise of flexible work at good pay. Spoiler: mos ...more Like  Likes:2  Jimmy Liu rated it liked it about 1 year ago Decent reporting. Unfortunately, she constrains herself to popular cliches about labor economics, though she questions her orthodoxy a few times. Also, she greatly exaggerates in her Chapter 12.8 reference. The abstract: "This article uses various micro data sets to study en ...more Like  Like:1  Maciej Nowicki rated it really liked it 5 months ago Gig economy is about the use of assets in different ways. I can give two quick examples of that. Think about Uber which allows people to turn their private car into a temporary taxi. The common business model for a taxi is quite different. It used to be that taxi had to be a ...more Like  Like:1  Charles rated it it was amazing 8 months ago As a factual background, I must state that I left a full-time job in the first months of 1998 and became a player in the gig economy. However, I spent a year researching and saving for the move and when I left I had over $10,000 in work lined up and 11 days of vacation pay ...more Like  Like:1  Lisa Kranz rated it it was amazing 6 months ago The shift of risk has been subtle in our society. This book puts it into terms that are easy to understand. It is very interesting! Like  Like:1  Austin rated it really liked it 10 months ago ‘Any economy is built by humans, and this book is about them'. I love this as a catchphase and as a good reminder to all of us working on these topics to always think about the human impacts. I am involved in policy research in this area for work and it can get so big and me ...more Like  Marks54 rated it really liked it about 1 year ago This book is a well done and fairly up to date look at the phenomena associated with the “gig” or “sharing” economy, a set of developments in the organization of work that are turning individual people into individual independent contractors rather than more traditional empl ...more Like  Daniel rated it it was amazing about 1 year ago The gig economy has been there for a long time, but it was really brought to the mainstream by Uber. Kessler has investigated it on the frontline with a few gig workers. There is the highly skilled programmer who liked the flexibility and challenge of gig programming and it works for him. There is an Uber driver who earned big bucks at first but struggled as Uber slashed prices. There is a woman doing mechanical Turk work for pennies and helped her family survive when her husband lost his job. She was however always alert for good Turk jobs and had to sleep in the office so that she would not wake her husband up. There is a telephone operator for air conditioner service hotline who realised he was in trouble for the month between summer (aircon hotline) and winter (heater hotline) because work dried up. There is someone who tried to help the poor get gigs and found that the problem was much bigger as they still needed transport and reliable childcare. There is an internet entrepreneur who realised that Uber for office cleaning would not work unless the company actually employed the workers so that they can be trained (oh the horror!).  Silicon valley tells the public that the gig economy helps people find work more easily and thus provides a safety net. However 1) To investors they present these apps as tools to help companies unload their responsibilities to non-critical employees. 2) Uber employed social scientists to manipulate drivers to work for them the way Uber wants them. Uber also can sack a driver or change their pay any minute.  Backlash is happening. 1) As the economy improves nobody wants to work in these uncertain work with no benefits and paid leave any more. 2) Legislation has finally caught up and certain cities and countries now consider Uber drivers employees and Uber would definitely fight back tooth and nail against this 3) Ultimately Silicon valley elites want to completely remove the human element from work itself. They would however find that other than simple tasks like driving people from point A to B, other jobs are much more difficult to standardise, at least until machines have general intelligence; at which point it is Skynet time and the world ends anyway.  I totally enjoy this well written book. - Read once in 3 days ; in good condition - Paperback printed in Britain - Purchased from Kinokuniya @ SGD22.95 - Free normal mailing to avoid the heltering and skeltering

3 months ago In Non-Fiction

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