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Hi friends! Father's day is just round the corner! If you haven't gotten a gift for him yet, this is your chance to win one for him! Prize: Hero 1099 Fountain Pen (comes in a gift box!) To enter this giveaway: It's simple! 1. Like this listing 2. Like something else from my profile 3. Follow me! 4. Comment why would you like to win this giveaway Really simple! Only one winner will be chosen. The winner will be announced this FRIDAY. Only one winner will be chosen. Terms and conditions: 1. 20 participants will be needed for the giveaway to take place 2. Meetup for the prize will only be at bukit batok on the weekends 3. Mailing cost to be borne by winner 4. I reserve the rights to cancel this giveaway 5. Winner decision is final Good luck! 😊

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