Gleading 300 Meters Remote Dog Training Collar Waterproof Rechargeable Pet Trainer with Warning Tones, Vibration----Manual Mode


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Description Please be noted there's no Auto Function with this collar, so you can't use it when you are not home or not with the remoter controller. The collar will only work when you press the controller. This's a tool to help you to train you dog. With this collar, you can send your order via Sound or Vibration mode. The collar won't teach your dog to do or not to do something. Only by your purposed training, your dog can understand what's the meaning when the collar beep or vibrate. For excample, everytime your dog barked, you press the Beep button, and asked her/him not to bark and to keep quiet. She/he might keep in mind after several times, when the collar beep, it means I should be quiet and be a good boy/Girl:) Unlike static shock collar, this is a collar with only training purpose instead of Punishing purpose Does it really works for Training your dog? It depands on dogs and the people using it. Please be noted this is just a tool. It's a wireless tool with a range up to 300 meters. You can send your order to the dog by Beep or vibration mode. Description: - 3 modes: light/beep/vibration. - 100 levels of vibration - Rechargeable collar remote and receiver - Easy to read large clear LCD display - Waterproof collar receiver - Adjustable strap About the Water Resistance - Water resistance Level: IP3(Can withstand water equivalent to 0.7 liters per minute if the lid is secured properly) - The collar can be worn in light drizzles but must be removed before bathing or swimming - Please note that submerging the collar in water WILL cause damage.