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Glitzay Concentrated Shampoo PH SAFE Selling price - $10/18 A mixture of mild surfactants and cleaners that gently cleans and boost the shine of painted vehicles each time it is used. Does not contain acids or alkali and will not remove durable polishes. If you are looking for a pH-balanced automotive shampoo that preserves your sealant/wax and produces heaps of suds and foam then you should try Glitzay Concentrated Shampoo. This shampoo is gentle on your automotive with plenty of lubricants and suds to protect your paint while you wash. Glitzay Concentrated Shampoo is non-alkaline and non-acidic so it will not remove sealant/wax or dry out your paintwork. Upon rinsing your vehicle after using Glitzay Concentrate Shampoo, the special formula produces a sheeting effect to leave your vehicle mostly dry and aid in the drying process. Use our Glitzay drying towel to remove any remaining water. Glitzay Concentrated Shampoo leaves the paint clean and glowly, like it’s just been waxed. Glitzay Concentrated Shampoo is an excellent value. Use only 30mlper 15-19l of water to create a bucket of cherry-scented suds. (Use a stronger concentration to remove oil and tar on heavily soiled vehicles.) Glitzay Concentrated Shampoo has all the attributes a detailer/weekend warrior/enthusiast require- value, performance, pleasant smell, foamy, safe pH formula and safe for all sealant/wax 8/16 oz.

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