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Hi hi this is a preorder listing! As I'm thinking of buying the cloud paint I wouldn't mind helping other people buy too! So far from what I see I'm selling the cheapest in carousell! Will be purchasing on every Sunday if there are orders please do make orders by then. Do note that this is from the US, so it'll take longer to arrive. about 2-3 weeks 1 is USD $18 = SGD $25 Colors: 🌿Dusk 🌿Haze 🌿Puff 🌿Beam Do note that the cost will not be inclusive of shipping from US to SG (which is separate from postage within SG). Shipping fee will be at $2 PER item. Postage: Normal: $1.50 Registered: $3 I'm willing to help you buy other things from Glossier as well, but do note the shipping will also apply and I will calculate the price for you based on what you are buying. Tags: glossier, cloud paint, pink, blush, makeup, ulzzang, style, trend, orange, urban outfitters, stylenanda, adidas, Nike, Brandy Melville Brand: Glossier Type: Others

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Mailing: Normal: $1.50 Registered: $3