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Gold Bond Ultimate - Rough and Bumpy Skin


4 months ago by ed1404








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Solution to KP!! 90% experienced smoother and softer skin in one week 74% reduction in the appearance of bumps in 4weeks 89% experienced consistently less bumpy & significantly softer skin in 4 weeks Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Daily Skin Therapy, 8 Ounce, Helps Exfoliate and Moisturize to Smooth, Soften, and Reduce the Appearance and Feel of Bumps and Rough Skin Patches. Rough and bumpy skin that appears on arms, thighs, back, and buttocks can be frustrating and embarrassing, and it requires more than an ordinary body lotion to keep under control. Rough & Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream contains a gentle yet effective combination of AHA, BHA, and PHA plus 8 intensive moisturizers help to exfoliate and condition even the roughest, bumpy dry skin. Features & details: DAILY MOISTURIZING THERAPY FOR ROUGH SKIN: Rough, bumpy skin can be hard to care for and difficult to moisturize. When used as part of your daily skin care routine, Rough & Bumpy Skin Cream can help to smooth, soften, and reduce the appearance of bumps. SMOOTHS & SOFTENS ROUGH SKIN: Gold Bond's Rough & Bumpy Daily Skin Therapy helps skin feel & look smoother & softer. Great for thighs, back of arms, back, & buttocks. It may help reduce the appearance & roughness associated with KP (Keratosis Pilaris). GOLD BOND SKIN CARE: Gold Bond is known not just for powder, but for a variety of medicated & non-medicated body powders, skin creams, & ointments. Since 1908, Gold Bond Powder has been providing comfort, soothing relief, & skincare to adults & children. A WELL ROUNDED MEDICINE CABINET: When you or a family member is in pain, sick, hurt, or just generally feeling under the weather, you don’t want to run to the pharmacy. A well stocked home medicine cabinet helps ensure relief is at hand when you need it. COMPARE TO OTHER POWDERS & CREAMS: Compare to products from brands like Mexsana, Caldesene, Assured Body Powder, Johnson's, Ammens, Salubrex, Puriya, Terrasil, Thena, Theraworx, Flexitol, Skin Clinical, CeraVe, Honeyskin, Baebody, Aquaphor, & Dermarest.

Gold Bond


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damndoryThe seller provided me with excellent service. more
3 months ago
overture1976Reliable seller, highly recommended!!! Thank you more
5 months ago