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1 BOX CONTAINS 10 PAIRS OF EYE MASK Makes effect through skin, osmosis in points. Through ocular points ( including Tongziliao point, lingming point,chengqi point, Qiuhou point, Cuanzhu point), the essence permeate and directly affect on ocular area and eyeballs. Pure natural chinese medical essence guarantees the nutrition supply that eyes need. Pure natural Chinese Medical Essence Extraction No antiseptic or hormon, green and safe. Obey Chinese Medicine Curing Principle -Apply it regularly and periodically the effect will be better . Convenient to use, easy to carry -it can be used anywhere anytime . Use it when you are tired, no need to concern about side effect. Excellent feeling experience -Make effect in 15 minutes. Compelling children to rest their eyes for 15 minutes. After using 7 days continously, it makes significant effort . Double vision and obscure will disappear.  Note : One may experience sensations of cold, hot, tingling, itching or blurriness when first applying the eye mask, which is normal as different eye conditions will give rise to different reactions.  It is made from 36 Chinese medicinal ingredients and does not contain any artificial constituents.  The essence is absorbedas it penetrates the skin to act on the acupoints and free radicals around the eye region. How to order: 1. Order though Carousell 2. Order through Lazada - Wechat: shirley-hao Whatsapp: 98373636 📧 :

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