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Good news to all house owner who want to rent out their room fast! First u need a beautiful vinyl flooring!! Time is money. Stop wasting time. Imagine how much money u have lost if your rental is delay by months? Is proven fact that beautiful room is 5x easier to rent out! Bedroom only.! Vinyl flooring package include installation and material 1 common room $328 2 common room $630 1 master bedroom $420 1 common room 1 master bedroom $700 2 common room 1 master bedroom $1000 3 common room 1 master bedroom $1300 Terms and condition apply Call or SMS 92961314/94880900 to find out more #Tag bto built to order hdb 4room 5room kitchen plastic PVC bedroom living room 3room studio apartment package renovations idea 3d wood design wood print rosewood condo rent new house pvc 6mm 5mm cheap reno 2room timber HEVF 1212sales 1111sales  

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