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GOODHEALTH PLACENTA 25000 PLUS GRAPE SEED 60 CAPSULES (3 bottles) Placenta has traditionally been used in China for hundreds of years for it’s anti-ageing and vitality promoting qualities.In Chinese terms it tonifies yang, nourishes Yin Jing to build Qi and Blood. In English terms it restores quintessential energy and life back into the body due to its rich nutrients and growth factors.Because of its original role of nurturing new life, Placenta, is considered to be one of the most profound substance for replenishing Yin and Yang essence and blood. It is also considered to be a major Qi tonic. It is used in restorative formulations, where quick and powerful replenishment of ‘spent essence’ is required. Most importantly, it can be used preventively for acute and chronic stress (modern western living), to prevent exhaustion and to stop the acceleration of the aging process that generally accompanies such stress. Although Placenta is not as commonly used in western society it is becoming more and more popular. Asian countries have used Placenta for many years primarily as an anti-aging ingredient with its rich nutrients that support skin health and general health and wellbeing. Features: Ovine placenta extract Contains Hyaluronic acid NZ Grape Seed extract Benefits: Rich source of nutrients Hydrates skin and smoothes out wrinkles Shown to support healthy veins & skin, improves capillary strength Potent antioxidant - protects against free radical damage 好健康羊胎素胶囊25000MG含葡萄籽60粒(3瓶) 羊胎素和葡萄籽的完美结合,专为爱惜自己,保养自己的女性研制,含量超高的好健康羊胎素葡萄籽精华,一天只需一粒,刺激皮肤再生,紧致胶原蛋白结构,同时加入抗氧化剂,防止衰老,皱纹,斑的形成,保持年轻美丽容颜。

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