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GotWay MCM5 Electric Unicycle - the most powerful 14inch EUC single wheel PEV🚀👍


9 months ago by flyingrat








COFFEE with the Boss😀 Our stock of the MCM5 has just arrived today❗️We can’t wait to ride it and ride we did finally from Big Box to Dover Cres! Our first ride today ! Maintenance Verdict😐..Wow what can I say😁❗️My 26 months of accumulated learn and ride experience plus my safety record of daily riding an EUC with care and consideration to others payoff today that I am able to confidently zip thru crowds, all pavement conditions and come out very happy with the new MCM5👍 Gotway design team once again did a very good job with its beautiful body line to make you look a second time over and over the curves🕺🏻😊 The silky smooth Gotway maglev motor with 1500w of power certainly make gliding over bump and hump a piece of cake!😁 My fear, being a heavier rider (97kg) with a smaller wheel going over uneven surfaces has now given me more confident that it will just push thru with just a twist of ankle without slowing down like with other less powerful wheels😬 There is also no lag trying to keep you balance as the powerful motor/computer senses your body moves and quickly turn up the speed to counter your balance😁 The beautifully sculptured egg shape body design shell truly serve a purpose of fitting your calf nicely to give you that important firm support to keep you balance and in control. Riding thru bus stop and with plenty of crowd is predictable and easy to maneuvers because of the fast response to your input. Turning and cornering is easy to execute too with just bending your knees left and right👍 My 8km ride distance is about the most fun and playful to ride with among the best and newest EUC to hit the market this 2018🚴🏻🎉 Beginner rider can learned to ride this wheel too given it’s powerful motor to keep you upright and stable 😁.. The ACM pedal is a joy to rest your feet too with comfort and the overall design of MCM5 follow the MCM4 for long distance comfort ride that you will soon begin to like the new wheel more👍 For more detail specification please click below👌 The future of walking seem to have become better and better each day and I cannot help but keep telling the new age kid to go learn ride an electric Unicycle for all your future personal transportation need🚴🏻🕺🏻👍 #Gotway #mcm5 #mcm4 #unicycle #escooter

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albs847Wonderful seller, still make effort to meet more
5 days ago
kenneth_2002Item delivered as described Pleasant transaction!
2 weeks ago
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1 month ago
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