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GotWay MSuperX (650/800/1600wh Panasonic/Sanyo GA lithium battery electric unicycle)


8 months ago by flyingrat








Cut along the lines of the legendary MSuperV3 first debuted in Aug 2016 when we first launch it at the Bike Show ..the MSuper has finally evolved into among the most powerful EUC wheel in the world with feedback from owners how extreme EUC rider do their sport wheeling and constantly pushing the wheel to its limit😬❗️ GotWay listen, learned and progressively upgraded its V3 core and finally designed a PCBA board with even higher powered Mosfet, double the circuitry size of its already breakthrough Tesla board, reTweak the firmware to match an even faster CPU to handle the higher load to power the new 19inch wheel😳🚀 (Special CST tire size 18x3.0 = 19inch diameter) The final result ..a stairs climbing unicycle with little effort, good stability and better ride comfort. It seem too that people wanted bigger tires so Gotway increase its width size from 2.5inch to 3.0inch. To balance and reduce the ball effect stability with it’s increased width, they make the wheel diameter an inch higher to 19inch and again beat the market to have the last say😁and put everyone else behind😐..including the up coming Z10😳 2018 got to be the most exciting development for EUC❗️ So let the contest begin soon in this hotly 18inch wheel market segment🎉 while I enjoy my Sony powered Tesla ! GotWay may not yet match its plastic engineering assembly design to Ninebot, King Song or Inmotion at this point in time but they make it up with over specification to its core computer to output the most powerful wheel, fastest wheel, longest range and at best a hobby grade design leadership in making maintenance and servicing a DIY affair. The bottom line ..It give you best value, best mileage and best performance is what GotWay brand stand for👍❗️ We are taking pre-order now as the beta wheel is under further testing before production go into high gear beginning next month with possible delivery in late May or early June to take head-on with Ninebot Z10😁🤨 Chat with us now to get your best deal👍 Brief important specification: 650wh battery: - weight 20.5kg within LTA compliant 800wh battery: - weight 20.6kg within LTA compliant 1600wh battery: - weight 23.2kg (overweight not for public use unless you remove one battery pack to stay within 20..ish kg Battery(1x650 or 800wh pack) Speed limit :set @25km/h for LTA compliant devices. #Gotway #msuperv3 #msuperX #EUC #electric unicycle

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alvin.lzwItem delivered as described.
4 days ago
freddy_fearA friendly and flexible seller. Thank you.
1 week ago
jane1504Great seller to deal with!
1 month ago
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