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GotWay Tesla 1020Wh Electric Unicycle (retail $1,989.90)


11 months ago by flyingrat








The Ultimate 16inch Electric Unicycle from GotWay🎉👍 The verdict is out as we have now tested the wheel in its entirety in comparison to all the Best EUC out there..we must say the Tesla design in the 16inch class is out of this world and unless you are an experience EUC rider looking for the next upgrade you cannot find an excuse not to buy the Tesla and be on your way to improve your riding skill 😊🎉 The new Tesla 1020wh will give you all the comfort and range you possibly can use except playing the music 😁 With the new series twin fan large heatsink mainboard...Gotway has finally advance the EUC world with this new breakthrough computer that almost perfected the way rider will use the Unicycle as it has become more stable and precise with the self balancing single wheel PEV❗️ The 2000w Maglev Motor coupled with the latest EUC computer algorithm technology only translate into silky smooth ride and instant ground feedback that you don’t even have to think and the wheel already knows where you are at😑 The range for an average bloke is about 80km! System voltage is 84v Battery 1020wh Sanyo GA Weight : 19.5kg Max speed: set @25km/h (for LTA compliant) This Tesla is 100% factory direct set and come with 1 year factory warranty and support via our agency. This is not exactly a beginner’s wheel but if you want the best you can follow and learn our 3 steps to Airwheeling basic ride instruction and be assured that within 1 hour of accumulated practice you will learn to ride an EUC soonest with the future of walking now. Otherwise be modest and buy an Airwheel X3 or X8 or Q3 instead to begin your learning journey with us in 3 basic steps👍 Once you are ready and confident we can trade in our own product for the ultimate Tesla or a design that fit what your travel ❗️ Here is a video review by Gotway America! #Gotway #Tesla 1020wh #EUC

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albs847Wonderful seller, still make effort to meet more
5 days ago
kenneth_2002Item delivered as described Pleasant transaction!
2 weeks ago
lawrence.mercerSpeedy replies. Thank you!
1 month ago
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