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Do you struggle to see a breakthrough in GP? You’ve put in so much effort to read up on the news and memorise other content but to no avail. No matter how much you practise like your teacher asks, you still don’t see improvement I’m Dinesh, and I graduated from SAJC in 2017. I’ll be studying History and Global Affairs at Yale-NUS College. And I understand how you feel. I went through that when I was in JC too. But then I realised that this was just part of a bigger problem. You see, most teachers and students believe that General Paper is either all about the content - facts one memorises, or all about the skills - needed to answer questions.. However, underpinning either of those is the core principle of General Paper: It is a thinking paper! Not sure if you can take my word for it? Let’s look at what the Cambridge Syllabus Document says. Slide of Cambridge Syllabus Document The Syllabus outlines these following objectives: 1. For students to better understand the world; 2. identify interrelationship between ideas; 3. broaden their global outlook; 4. develop creative thinking skills, 5. and confidently evaluate arguments. Fulfilling these would ensure your success at General Paper. In short, General Paper wants you to think critically. You do this by thinking past the surface; by digging deeper to understand that problems are not always what they seem. Only then, you’ll be able to take on fresh perspectives on issues, and interpret them with fresh, alternative insights that most of us tend to overlook in everyday life. These are the skills you need to do well in General Paper. But more important to me is to teach you these skills that will build your foundation to becoming a more reasoned, analytical and empathetic individual. To date, I have tutored 11 students. Let’s take a look at what my past students have to say: Slide of Phuong Ha and Madeline’s testimonies GP was rather tough for me to manage because I had the content, but not the skills or the thinking frame needed. The problem was, I didn't know what I didn't know. Dinesh taught that while content was important, skills and thinking concepts were more imperative to learn. Even though he graduated from JC the year before me, he still had in-depth knowledge to guide me through the topics. Madeline Silitonga. U to B grade for GP Prelims (3.5 months), A for 2018 A Level examinations. Dinesh is an amazing tutor. He has guided me to be a better thinker, writer and exam-taker. I was clueless about how to properly study for GP and what was wrong about my approach to the subject. He provides me with a clear strategy as well as the motivation to study and love GP :D Phuong Ha. S to A grade for GP Prelims (5 months), 2nd in Level for GP Preliminary Examinations A for 2018 A Level examinations. Though this is not the orthodox ‘content plus skills’ method you were taught in school, it has shown to be effective at developing thinking skills, and eventually, acing the exams. So if you want to find out the details of my method, click here to find out more. But till then, I look forward to guiding you to your A in GP—and beyond that, to give you a broader perspective on the world. For more info pls visit Or WhatsApp 91123794

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