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Graf von Faber-Castell's Pen of the Year 2009 is made from the almost forgotten material of horse hair. The barrels of these pens are individually woven by hand from horse hair by Germany's only remaining hand weaver - Dorit Berger. The checker board pattern of the barrel is constructed from approximately 70 hairs per centimetre of fabric. Each individual hair is graded before weaving to assure they are of uniform thickness and graded by colour to allow the creation of the alternating colour in the finish. Needless to say this is an extremely time consuming process! The Pen of the Year 2009's unique barrel is set-off to great effect against the platinum plated metal parts of the pen. Medium nib width Unique woven horse hair barrel 18-carat bi coloured nib Plunger filling mechanism with ink level window Each piece numbered and supplied with certificate of authenticity Diameter: 15mm Length: 134mm Length capped: 137mm Length posted: 182mm Original price was $3553.73 Meet up only because this fountain pen is limited edition.

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I'm able to meet around woodlands Causeway Point and Vistapoint also.

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