GREDDY Multi DIA Analogue & digital reading performance guages/ racing guages/ racing meter


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Confirm quality. If got problem 1 to 1 exchange. Brand new in box No installation provided, still looking for workshop to partner -Oil temp. -Oil pres. -Water temp. -Boost -Tachometer (RPM) -Vaccum Exhaust temp & Air fuel ratio need to check have anot $50 net/pcs. We dont like to beat arnd the bush. We dont List high price later let u discount until the price we want etc. Straight forward $50net. Like this u also can save time instead of browsing arnd and arnd. All set comes with wiring harness, standard meter stand, visior. Can change 14 colors Interchangable 14 colors, high quality replica. Please view our video here on differences between high and low quality replicas: Want to mail or meet up under our home office. Opening and closing ceremony of the gauges can be found here: