Green X Blue Abstract Paint Laptop Decal Sticker Skin


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Available for most HP, Dell, ASUS, MacBook and Lenovo, Samsung etc models, please PM! D side instock available for MacBook 13" Pro w/ Touchbar (A1708) Logo will be precut accordingly to your laptop model! ✨ Easy application, no glue stains and removable if you do paste wrongly! Matte decal, precut, no air bubbles after application Comes in a set of 3 sides: •Top •Screen •Keyboard + wristguard ** Please allow 1-2mm differences ▲No trades, no nego, no exchanges, and refunds only allowed with valid reason ▲Waiting time is 1-2 weeks after the preorder closes, only order if you can wait! ▲Will update you of the status of the preorder regularly. You can also check my bio for the pre-order status! (: ▲Orders will only be sent in after FULL payment has been made. ▲No cancellation once order is confirmed 💌NM: +$1.20 📩RM: +$3.50 (Depends on weight) 🙅Not responsible for lost mails 📷 Picture and Video Proof available Have a nice day! 💫 #qwer