GT Robot GT Wonder Boy Smart Robotics Intelligent Robot Personal Assistant 32GB


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GT Wonder Boy, Singapore’s very own SMART robotic companion has multiple abilities of not only being a personal assistant and interactive educator who can hold seamless two-way conversations. It is also a bilingual communicator that can converse in 13 different languages. A hands-free photographer and a sing and dance companion for both the young and old. It also supports the main functions of a smartphone including e-wallet, e-map, virtual credit clearance, video conferencing, Internet calls, translation, order management and an extensive search option over 80 million merchants worldwide. GT Wonder Boy is a lightweight companion that has a surround sound system paired with LED lights for the eyes and ears for a sensory user experience. Adopting a mainstream smart phone configuration, equipped with a quad-core processor, 3gb of memory, 13 megapixels camera resolution and 5000MAH batteries with a battery life of up to 48 hours. It sure is a highly durable mobile companion. GT Wonder Boy continues to revolutionise the international market with its artificial intelligence, which was launched this year. GT Wonder Boy is an intelligent social bot that adapts to the user’s habits providing a personalised user experience. GT Wonder Boy is no stranger to the media after making multiple headlines on prominent foreign media such as BBC World News, The Straits Times, China Central Television, Malaysia Gazette, Bernama News Channel, Malay Mail and TV 1 News.

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