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Guinea Pig Grooming


Kensington Square





Address: 2 Jalan Lokam, Kensington Square #01-21 S537846 Appointment Call/Whatsapp 8845 7183 Book online At Surrpaws, we are specialise in providing professional pet grooming services for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas with dedication and patience. Our pet groomers are experienced in providing low stress pet grooming experience for your little furry buddies. As one of the fastest growing pet grooming boutique in Singapore, we strongly believe in providing top notch customer services to all pets owners and pets. Guinea pig grooming is essential. For the starter, it is necessary to trim your guinea pig’s nails to keep them from curling into their footpads. Trimming and filing the nails also lessens the chance of you getting scratched. Next will be the ear cleaning to remove wax buildup, bacterial infections, and ear mites. Cleaning the Grease Gland is the most important part! All guinea pigs have a grease gland located at the base of the spine. This dime-sized gland lies just beneath the skin and produces an oily secretion for scenting and marking purposes. Some guinea pigs have more active grease glands than others, and boars more so than sows. If your guinea pig has an active grease gland, the hair covering the gland will be slightly tacky. You will feel a greasy buildup under the hair. This area can become irritated, and an accumulated buildup may lead to infection. Thus it is also important to make sure the the hair covering the grease gland is kept short and grease gland is clean.

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2019 May

Hassle free and very pleasant transaction. Glad to have dealt with you and thanks for making the collection & payment seamless. Highly recommended!