Guitar/guitar parts! (Tuners, project guitar, saddles)


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Selling off some parts I no longer need! Giving back to the guitar community in small steps haha. *Note - These are all classical guitar parts at the moment! Are you a startup/learning repair luthier? Do you need to replace certain parts on your guitar? Here's what I got ! > ● SOLD Tuner machine set (3 left, 3 right) polished and oiled. Salvaged! Current available : 1 sets — 1 set for $5! ● SOLD Basic Nut and Saddle, fits almost all classicals. Salvaged! Current available : 2 Saddles, 1 Nut — Each for $3! ● Student project guitar. 1980s Ariana Japan. Useful as a project guitar for repairs or to learn luithering on. Playable IF fully restored. No cracks on headstock. Body seems to be in solid condition. Neck is dead straight, no warping. Comes with full set of tuning gear on headstock. All functioning! — Going for $15, definitely negotiable. Anything goes :) No bag, no bag! Suspected issues to repair : - Very slight dip/bowl on topwood (neck joint 14th fret to bridge) near soundhole - Split veener on back laminate - Several scratches - Some large/small wood chips/lift on back - Reminense of broken plastic Nut *Note that this guitar does not come with a nut, saddle or strings. However, if you need a nut or saddle I can give them to you, along with the guitar for $15 firmed! Do PM me for information, inquiries, photos or general questions! Not : Acoustic electric yamaha kapok protege prillante mcpherson rainsong cort swing greg bennett samick flying v bridge microphonic gibson taylor martin parlor prs epiphone les paul fender squier strat stratocaster telecaster maestro ayers breedlove larrviee goodall strings pickup preamp fishman ball solid wood sitka repair stove television cooker kitchen cookware hardware computer laptop

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AMK MRT (ns16) only! Cash on deal! Available on weekdays after 6pm, weekends.