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Specs 1. ABS material 2. Clip on buckle 3. Anti glare lenses 4. Good ventilation 6 vents 5. Removable inner cushions 6. About 1.4kg 7. Double visors Sizing M 54cm to 56cm L 57cm to 58cm XL 59cm to 60cm Colours Bright black, matte black and white. Tags: electric bike, motorcycle, bicycle scooter, power, race, racing, 2b 2a 2 class, arai shoei dot agv full face half helmet modular flip up bags bag, touring carting, motorcross, cross country road trips tt, tt&co, tt&company, company, co, funshion, ad, anda, adl, furygan komine, madbike, antmanunion, cucyma, scoyco saiyu duokui, paradise, chengzu, shuaixin, gxt, 3m gtx malushun, dfg, virtue, bld, rockstar, rock star axo weilit, wlt vemar, aowo7s ls2 motul castrol mobil liquimoly liqui moly belray jiajun, pwjdm, did, benelli protaper protape rizoma givi oem taichi rs pro biker trax, monster, yema, hongye, bye, yohe nenki, jix jacket glove touch screen barracuda chest pad face head gear protection armour military, rugged, army camo, combat, spine, unisex, outdoor sports protection pads, safety, pvc, leather, taichi, rain coats, coat, poncho

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