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More designs from the same brand on my other listing Helmet with Bluetooth set. Order without the Bluetooth would cost $59 Helmet specs: 1. ABS material 2. clip on buckle 3. dual visor 4. approximately 1.45kg 5. 37cm x 26cm x 26cm 6. Vents 7. removable lining, easy washing 8. anti- fog sizing M 54cm to 56cm L 57 to 58cm XL 59 to 60cm Bluetooth specs: 1. 8.2cm x 3.2cm x 2.3cm 2. black 3. 12v 4. rechargeable batteries 5. supports A2DP and AVRCP 6. Longest distance is 1km away coordination with another rider (up to 3) 7. waterproof 8. can pick up calls, GPS, Radio, communicate between 2 or 3 riders or rider to pillion, music from mp3 or phone 9. ilding 300hours, talking 8 hours

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