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This is a full compiled notes for H2 GEOGRAPHY Syllabus 9751 Relatively new syllabus, notes gathered from past 2 years of this new syllabus. ALL themes are included including GI. These notes guarantee that you no longer need your thick files of notes as EVERYTHING is included :) Study this and you are more than prepared to ace H2 Geog which everyone else find challenging. Notes and essay outlines ALL included! Cheapest and best quality notes out there 👍🏻 [FULL REFUND IF UNSATISFIED, this is how confident i am that the notes are guaranteed to help you ace your exams 👍🏻] ALL YOU NEED TO ACE YOUR A LEVELS. Full Syllabus summarised into a COMPREHENSIVE guide to aid you to achieve high A for your A Level Examinations. With this set of notes, you now no longer need to flip through hundreds of pages of lecture notes just to find that ONE explanation you need. What is more frustrating than going through thick files and books and can't even find what you need? I have been through the same experience as you and I totally understand your pain. With this SUMMARISED yet CONCISED notes, it makes studying SO much easier. Notes are also organised in a way to let you understand how things are linked to one another at ONE glance, making studying less painful. This is guaranteed to help you ACE your exams, just like how it has helped many students of class of 2018 batch ace their A Levels examinations. With A Levels 2019 commencing soon, this set of notes is definitely skillfully crafted to benefit you and let you stand out amongst all your other friends. Tags: H1 H2 GENERAL PAPER GP ECONOMICS ECON ECONS BIOLOGY BIO CHEMISTRY CHEM PHYSICS PHY MATHEMATICS MATHS GEOGRAPHY GEOG HISTORY HIST RJC RI HCJC HCI NJC MJC NYJC ACJC YJC IJC SJC SAJC AJC ALEVELS CRASH COURSE BEST

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Good notes :) I think it’s worth the value for $20 for the amount of notes I got