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HAIBIKE bike bicycle xduro Urban 700c 36v 400Wh strictly for serious commuting cyclist aged 16+


6 months ago by 25kmh








If you think cycling 20km to work is not quite the type of daily workout , especially in Singapore climate without breaking a sweat. We show you how not to and you never look back on smaller wheels (but keep them for recreational or visual artwork) Safe riding comes with safe bike and being safe is no1 priority to reach home and workplace. While we understand most 20/24inch wheel is about the standard to meet 20kg? But dont you aware that smaller wheel runs higher risk on the road? We speak based on good road and cycle path experiences and believe certain field and height of views are necessary to stay within visual attention of road users and we strongly recommended a 28" or 700c wheel together with ulmost efficency which follows the cult of the dutch and Japanese. If you on a height of 168cm up.. 65kg up..Read on.. And if you love cycling based on the art of passion, apart saving yourself COE, scuffy train system and sardine buses or if you are a non believer of driving a 1-ton iron massl and burning carbon fuel just to haul yourself (xxkg) on the road daily? Read on... Commuting is our business. And we love assisting all walks of life .. Be it professsional executive from VP to HDB heartlander to even garang guni hauling heavy cargo.. We dont work with borders and we love to engage your attention and design whichever it takes to fire up your traction with road grits.

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filmlabPrompt delivery! Item delivered as described.
3 months ago
fazuli.Great seller to deal with!
11 months ago
pangekoVery friendly guy. Thank your for sharing your more
1 year ago
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