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(A) MENU FOR $4/- 1. Nasi Sambal Goreng 2. Nasi Rawan 3. Nasi Ayam 4. Nasi Lemak (B) MENU FOR $5/- 1. Nasi Ayam Percik Set •Nasi •Ayam Percik •Sambal goreng 2. Nasi Kuning Set •Nasi Kuning •Ayam masak Merah / Ayam Rendang •Achar (C) MENU FOR $6/- 1. Nasi Jagung •Corn rice •Ayam masak merah •Dalcha •Pacheri / Achar 2. Nasi Briyani •Briyani rice •Ayam masak merah •Dalcha •Papadum •Pacheri / Achar 3. Nasi Ambeng •Rice •Ayam masak chilli api •Ikan bilis and kachang tanah sambal •Urap sayur or gareng asem •Paru goreng •Bagedil 4. Nasi Tomato •Rice •Ayam masak merah •Dalcha •Pacheri / Achar 5. Nasi Jenganan •Rice •Kuah Jenganan •Sayur Rebus •Tahu/tempe goreng •Bagedil •Ayam goreng rempah 6. Nasi Lemak Upsize •Same menu as $4/- • ayam rempah •Sambal sotong kembang •Achar 7. Nasi Rawan Upsize •Same menu as $4/- •ayam rempah •Sambal goreng •Sambal sotong kembang (D) EXTRAS Poultry* Ayam Korma Ayam Lemak Cili Padi Ayam Masak Merah Curry Chicken Ayam goreng rempah Meat / Seafood* Sambal Goreng Pengantin Paru Belado Beef Rendang Beef masak merah Deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce Deep fried fish with lemon sauce Deep fried fish with Mango sauce Pari Asam Pedas Udang Belado Salted Egg Prawns Sambal Prawns Blackpepper Prawns Sambal sotong Vegetable* Sambal Goreng Jawa Urap Terung Sambal Belado Chop Chye Rojak Petis Achar Pacheri Nenas Salad Timun and Pineapple Side Dish* Begedel Telur Dadar Telur Belado Kentang Belado Tahu Goreng sambal ikan bilis and kachang sambal tempe goreng Appetizer* Ulam & Sambal Belacan Fried Mini Samosa Fried Mini Popiah Serunding & Sambal Belacan Rojak Bandung Gado - gado **FOR (D) EXTRAS, PLEASE PM FOR PRICE ********************************** *** TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY ******************************* 》Maximum orders 50pax 》Minimum orders 20pax 》Both disposable buffet style with aluminum trays or lunch boxes available. 》50% deposit once orders confirmed. 》No cancellation or refunds once payment made. 》Invoice will be issued for every partial payment made via email 》Self Collection only is available.

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Great buyer to deal with , 4th purchase . Thank you so much for the support. Look forward to more deals in the future. Thank you for the purchase😊