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My hamster is picky and fussy. Dislike the food and refused to eat. Fed it only once. Packaging is opened and sealed with a zip lock bag. Food still in a good condition. Can last for 1-2 mths. Retail Price $14.87 Selling at $10 (self collect at Punggol MRT) 600g Expiry Date 2018 Sept ----------------- Product Features: Emotion Beauty Selection All Ages combines optimal care with delicious taste - and thanks to the valuable oils it also promotes a healthy skin and a beautiful, shiny dwarf hamster skin! The balanced main fodder mixture is specially designed for the needs of dwarf hamsters in the selection of the ingredients, tasty shrimps bring the small rodents, for example, important proteins. Also the feed bodies contained in the mixture are extra small and thus easy to eat. Like all Emotion main feeds, Emotion Beauty Selection naturally also contains the unique TriVita Complex - the innovative plus for a lively and healthy dwarf hammock life. Developed by veterinarians and rodent experts! TriVita- Complex: With DHA from seaweed, Emotion is one of the most valuable and biologically active omega-3 fatty acids, important for cardiac activity, brain and immune system. Prebiotic inulin ensures a healthy intestinal flora and promotes optimal digestion. The balanced ratio of essential amino acids guarantees a high biological value. For a good life! -Skin & Coat: Valuable oils promote skin and coat health -Proteins: with valuable animal proteins for a balanced diet -Vitamins: With vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements for an optimal supply -Odour Stop: Our special combination of 3 natural active ingredients bind unpleasant odors and reduce their formation -For all dwarf hamsters -Suitable mixture with delicious food -For healthy skin and beautiful fur -Sugar free recipe -Without artificial aromas -Without preservative substances -Flavorfully packaged -Complete feed for dwarf hamsters Ingredients: Valuable grains, healthy vegetables, fruity apple, etc #hamster #hamsterfood #vitakraft #beautyselection #hamsterpet #hamsteraccessories #food #emotionbeautyselection

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Punggol Bus Interchange, Singapore

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