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Hamster Tips [NOT SELLING]


3 years ago by nettelyn




Hi there! I've been seeing people breeding hamsters and selling them on Carousell. Just a few tips for potential buyers! 1. Contrary to belief, hamsters are territorial animals. Therefore, it's best to keep just one in a cage. 2. Hamsters do not care if they are siblings or mother and son or father and daughter. As long as when you put a male and female hamster together, they WILL breed. So unless you are ready to have a litter of 6-8 baby hamsters, NEVER put a male and female hamster together. 3. For god's sake, please don't buy from sellers who are blatantly breeding hamsters to sell. I saw a user who was selling hamster babies as well as their pregnant mother!! Imagine how poor thing the mother is, just given birth and already pregnant without any proper rest. 4. Research for hamster food that has the correct proportion of nutritions that they need, for me, i'm using Science Selective Hamster Food. 5. Toys/Hideouts, I no longer using any more made from wood. Because i'd realise after using for a few months, bugs starts appearing on them 😖 Even for DIY ice cream sticks one. 6. Last but not least, from my experience, I'd given up on using cages and use toyogo box instead! No grills for them to bite on. So i suggest using apple sticks if they have an "itchy mouth".

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