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Used notes from Han Language Tuition Centre but mostly unwritten. Good tips for Primary 6 Chinese PSLE exam. Not for Sale. Pictures are deliberately dimmed to prevent copying. Notes were from Year 2016 July's class. Given with purchase of assessments above $10. 1 set for each component. I don't photocopy. So there is only ONE copy per component. Just ask for it! I will divide into 5 portions from these 2 files. Each purchase 1 portion. While stocks last. 第一课 阅读理解 (一) Comprehension 1 第二课 朗读短文 (1) Oral Passage Reading *Taken🚩 第三课 阅读理解 (二) Comprehension 2 第四课 看图说话 (1) Oral Pic Discussion *Taken🚩 第五课 阅读理解 (三) Comprehension 3 第六课 朗读短文 (2) Oral Passage Reading *Taken🚩 第七课 阅读理解 (四) Comprehension 4 第八课 看图说话 (2) Oral Pic Discussion *Taken🚩 第一至第三课 看图作文 (1) Picture Composition 1 *Taken🚩 第四至第六课 看图作文 (2) Picture Composition 2 *Taken🚩 Great guidance for PSLE Chinese. Thanks for viewing :)

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