Handmade custom envelopes many colours Maroon, Navy Blue, Plum, Cherry Red, Lime Green, Lavender, Royal Purple, Black etc For Wedding Invitations Party Invites Greeting Cards


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Are you looking for customized envelopes in rare colours, such as navy blue, black, coffee, maroon etc? These unusual colors are now available! Get a quote by providing the following - how many do you need - measurements of envelope in cm - preferred colour(s) - preferred paper thickness - when do you need them? Lead time required is about 2-3 weeks. Rush jobs will be charged an additional premium of $20-$100. PRICE LIST VERY LARGE 21 x 15 cm or smaller = $3.50 each 100 envelopes for $320/- LARGE envelopes 20.90 x 14.90 cm or smaller = $2.00 each 100 envelopes = $190/- MEDIUM size 15 x 11 cm or smaller = $1.20 each. 100 for $105/- SMALL size 9.5 X 6 cm or smaller = 70c each 100 for $68/- MINI to VERY TINY envelopes 8 x 5 cm or smaller = 50c each 10 for $4.80 Postage charged separately. Strictly no meet up. For bulk orders > 200 envelopes, at least 3-4 weeks needed and 50% payment upfront to be made by bank transfer. Papers available - SOLID colours..... Navy blue Maroon (similar to dark red) see 2nd pic Cherry red Coffee (light brown) Mocha (darker brown) Royal blue Lavender (light purple) Royal purple Black Lime green Dark green Golden yellow Above are good quality 140gsn paper. The following are available for MEDIUM ENVELOPES maximum size 11 x 15 cm only. Other specialty papers... - glassine (translucent) envelopes in various colours 110gsm See 3rd pic - parchment natural, parchment green or other shades 110gsm - Metallic gold, silver or bronze (120gsm) Colours shown in the photos may not be accurate. You can request a sample of the paper to be posted to you (pay $1.00 for paper strip) or a sample envelope made in your preferred color (pay $2-$3} before placing your bulk orders. Envelopes are suitable for invitations, product samples, brochures, greeting cards, money hongpao, etc. Satisfaction guaranteed! #csenvelopes # wedding invitations, party invites. greetings birthday card Please please note.... Handmade bespoke customized envelopes are NOT cheap. The art paper is expensive per piece, and high quality (at least 120gsm) Each piece is individually cut, folded and glued by hand... We do not outsource to any factory or a machine to do them. Handmade is time consuming! Please be prepared with your budget if you need customized one-of-a-kind items and please plan ahead and provide ample time. Thank you.

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