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Biggest envelope size is 15 x 11 cm. Any requests for sizes bigger than 150 by 110 mm will not be entertained. --- Looking for bespoke handmade envelopes for special events? Metallic gold or silver 100gsm paper! Largest size available = 110 by 150 mm (11 x 15 cm) Price range : (for 11x15cm) 1 envelope = $1.20 10 envelopes = $10 ($1.00 each) 50 envelopes = $40 (80c each) * just completed a recent order of 50 metallic gold envelopes for $40 for a buyer. If you are looking for something special, Bespoke, Hand crafted, Please be prepared with your budget and an advance lead time of at least 2 weeks. Handmade is not cheap! For urgent needs or rush jobs, a premium of additional 25% will be charged. #csenvelopes

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meet up in Pasir Ris only to self-collect after full payment.

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Postage charged separately - normal mail, AM Mail or Registered Mail.