(22% Off) Handmade Natural Myanmar Jade Necklace-GSS 手工制作的全天然缅甸玉项链


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Ideal as precious stone or jade themed collection. Great as jewellery as it looks elegant and noble. Jade is a lucky precious stone that not only gives peace of mind, but it is also said to bring good luck. Approximate length : 55 cm (22-in) Original price : $90 Offer price : $70 (22% Off) Approximate size of bead : 12 mm Clasps used : stainless steel Meet up / postage available. Meet up at mrt along NEL prefer if purchase => $28. Meet up at Sengkang or Hougang mrt prefer if purchase =>$12. FOC for normal mail. Add $3 for registered mail. Grab it before it's gone. Interested, please chat with me. Tags - semiprecious stone, crystal, jade, agate, pearl, carol, seashell, jewellery, bracelet, necklace, customise, gifts. 可作为宝石或玉的收藏爱好者。 也适合作为高档优雅的首饰。 玉是幸运的宝石,不但带给你平安,它也帮助提升你的运气。 大约长度: 55 厘米 (22寸) 原价 : $90 特价 : $70(扣22%) 每一粒珠玉的大约大小 : 12 毫米 钩子的材料 : 不锈钢 可选择预约或邮寄。 预约以东北线地铁站为佳,如果购买额=> $28。 预约以盛港或后港地铁站为佳,如果购买额 => $12。 普通邮件免费,挂号信加$3。 要买请快,以免错失良机。 有兴趣者,欢迎询问。 注-半宝石,水晶,玉, 玛瑙,珍珠,珊瑚,贝壳,首饰, 手链,项链, 定做,礼品。