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Handmade PAPO Animal Toy Necklace


Sengkang Singapore


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The bag was passed around the room, was it a bag, or was it a box? My memory does not serve me well. What I do remember is my fingers tumbling among many hard plastic appendages. And finally what I pulled out was a little lion cub, now curled in my palm, paws up in play. Some would call it divine, some would say mere luck of the draw, but we each blindly picked animals that brought us comfort in that time of need. For me, I needed courage. What better symbol than the lion? I'd been putting off the decision of a lifetime because of insecurity and low self-esteem. I stared into the cub's eyes and marvelled at the intricate paintjob, felt it light but solid sitting between my fingers. I knew it had to accompany me. But who would bring a toy like this around? Unwieldy and awkward, it doesn't even come with a hook to keychain it to. So I wrapped it in suede strip, harnessed it with copper rings and delicate knots, turned the little sculpture into an amulet I could wear around my neck. And the lion lay close to my heart when I finally said yes. ---- This particular PAPO necklace is not for sale, what is for sale is a brand new customized one for you or your loved one. Simply let me know which PAPO animal you would like, what colour you'd like your suede strip to be, and I'll harness it complete with adjustable clasp for you.

3 years ago In Handmade Craft


Other MRTs also available for Meetup depending on my convenience and availability. I travel a bit around Singapore so message me.



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2018 Apr

Thanks for purchase. It's a smooth pleasant deal. Hope you like it.