Handmade Squishies For Sale Next Time!!! Pls Do Not Pm For This Listings As It Is A Notice Only...We Will Be Selling Handmade Squishy Next Time...


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Hey there board of squishies such as puni maru , ibloom and other squishies? Then Y not purchase or squishies??? They are handmade and some are slow rise some are not... This is A NOTICE SO PLS DO NOT PM IN THIS LISTINGS THX So basically this listings is our handmade squishy products info They have the packaging or can be boxed up too!! 😘 They have tags too!! 😘 They might have scents but some might not have...✌ They are super soft and might be slow rising...πŸ’ͺ They can be a replica version of... Ibloom Puni maru Or the best is those non slow rising squishies!!' Such as gudetama but our product will be the slow rise gudetama!! Waiting for?! Quick purchase our squishy We will also have those squishy that have new and old version so get them now and you can make old and new version comparing video or even squishy compare of slow rise and non slow rise so buy now.... Β© Suitable for squishy dares β„’ Kawaiisalez HOT PROMOTION: FREE MAILING, DELIVERY THIS MONTH TILL SEPTEMBER πŸ’š Free freebies and extras for this two weeks!! ( Till 9 August ) πŸ’— Happy charge for October 21 - 28!!! πŸ’• New on going give away on November 2!!! πŸ’ Pre order grabbags coming on!!! πŸ’’ More events aka promotions coming on next year!! Also this days Events aka promotions: Holidays giveaways coming soon on November holidays Owning shops ceremony coming soon on September or October!! Celebrating October and November days!!! All carousellers can join our events :) Do join our events Before buying do check out our terms and conditions : https://carousell.com/p/117914882

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red and green line other line maybe

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both possible normal mail!! base on where you need or at