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Our crowd-favourite coconut planters are back! We first tried them out in our bazaars and never expected the hanging coconut planters (with plants of course) will be such a hit! Going vertical is the way to go to space precious floor space, and also to keep plants out of the hands of your children or pets. All the coconuts that we used are personally and carefully treated by us - we had to drill and open up a hole, clean the insides, dry them and coat them with a protective layer that prevents rot or decay. All the coconut planters also come with a rope for ready-hanging ;) Previously we've only had bird nest ferns in coconut planters and there's a reason why they were so popular! These plants are one of the easiest ferns (and also houseplants) to take care of and their foliage are just simply breathtaking. They aren't that fussy, so you can place them in either a shady place or bright place, and they can tolerate watering once in a couple of days. So what are you waiting for? Only one piece for this bird nest fern in a coconut planter, get it now! Tags: indoor gardening, hanging garden, coconut planter, houseplants, office plants, bathroom plants, bird nest fern, home decor

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