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[PLEASE NOTE: I'm only selling the cables, the IEMs are not included] It comes in 3.5mm jack and 2 pin flavour. Cable is 1.2m long and it's very sturdy. It also looks staggeringly pretty, making most if not all IEMs look kinda ballin' As for sound characteristics, I feel that the cable gives it a more full bodied sound. It was a good pairing with the U4-SE when I had those, and I think this is a good pairing if you want an IEM to sound less cold. The cable enhances the lower mids, giving a thin sounding IEM more body to the mids. Soundstage and imaging is fortunately not affected, which is always a good plus Selling these because I might be getting an Andromeda to stop myself from upgraditis. The Andros sadly didn't use 2 pins so I have no choice but to let these go as well Tag: Cables, IEM, 2 pin, hansound, solarray, effect audio, ares, leonidas, eros, PW audio, 3.5 mm, westone, shure, unique melody, 1964 ears, 64 audio, campfire, noble, UM

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Boon Lay MRT Station (EW27), Singapore

Preferably around after office hours around 6-7 PM but msg me further to arrange