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Happy May Day!!! Free Document Holders (Kranji Primary School) - 7 pcs


6 months ago by ghee8732






Free to take please. Got new ones and used one. All look news. Please reuse reduce recycle please. MOE should look into supporting go green projects. Who is the 4G minister in now in charge of MOE? Do you know how many millions billions plastic folders were thrown and burnt in sembawang waste collection centres every December months when students were promoted to next level the following year. And parents keep buying and buying without knowing store room still have. In the end when chinese new year come, all throw away!!! If you are a MOE trained teacher please share this piece of listing to your MOE HQ. If you know any minister PA using carousell please share with them via share option here. I only can help this much through carousell. The mother nature all depend on you and everyone on this planet. No one can help. not even Avengers heros with super power. Only when we are mindful about the surrounding, it helps. Also knowledge is important. Also discipline. Also must be hardworking. Also must be passionate about your kids and their offsprings in short the future generations. Do you want the afternoon sun heat to raise to 50°C and can mke you a set half boiled eggs??? Think again BEFORE YOU buy and throw. A lot of companies already work towards digitization and MOE still being lacked behind using paper files and folders. So everyone listen : Dont suka suka just throw away just like that. Please sort out paper paper plastic plastic metal metal glass glass newspaper newspaper clothing clothing e-waste e-waste battery battery paint paint chemical chemical Please enrol a course about recycling. Use your skillfuture credit please.. for those hoping the $500 credit can generate high interest in your skillfuture fund. Answer is fat hope. $500 a life time. One off.. If market adjust up or down then talk. But seldom or rare to see singapore food prices drop. Like chicken rice or roti prata so far price got drop? Never. No..getting higher right??? Toilet entry also now 30cents. Maybe toilet auntie should increase to $1 come 2019. Only singaporean salary freezed or dropped when we switch industry or reskilled to another trade. So parents dont anyhow throw and buy new things for your kids. I know u can earn now but please google what is this chinese word 损福 (abuse your wealth luck) Ok??? 2:08am

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