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  • sarthak68

    This item is a fraud. Seller is very reluctant to show you the item although he promised to let you do so on chat. Definitely something felt fishy and when I asked the seller to let me try, he got angry and left the place without saying anything. Wasted my time and would definitely not recommended him

  • egg.mart

    This buyer is a fraud. He is a self-entitled foreigner who lied about being at the meeting place when he clearly wasn't, didn't respond to my messages when I told him I was in a rush and had a grab waiting and still wanted to stall for time when we finally met. He made no requests to test out the product during the meet up in our chat, so I don't know where he got my promise from. If he had told me sooner I would have either allocated another time slot for him or not scheduled my grab to arrive as such that the deal would be a grab and go. I told him that I have to leave but he insisted on testing out the case. I told him "okay be quick". But he wanted to go somewhere else that was more comfortable as he did not want to stand and do it. I told him that he can bring it back and test it out, if there are any issues I can do an exchange or a refund for him but he said that he did not believe me and that I'm lying. I'm not sure how much $9.90 is worth in his country but it sure isn't worth my time to try and rip him off for it. He is a difficult person with self-entitlement issues and is very very salty that he wasn't able to get what he want. After this foreigner that I didn't have the time to wait as I had a grab waiting, he insisted so I took my stuff and left because he clearly wasn't worth my time and it wasn't fair to let the grab driver wait for someone like him. Please take a look at my positive feedbacks and the testimonials of my past customers before determining the validity of this person's claim. Ask me for screenshots of the chat and I will gladly show you how wrong his claims are.

Hard Cover Cases For Macbook All Instock Ready To Mail


1 year ago by egg.mart








(INSTOCK) Hard cover casing for Macbooks (INSTOCK) Hard cover casing for Macbooks *Bundle deals for the casing with Screen Guards, Trackpad guards, Touchbar Guards, Keyboard guards are available* *For other colours please PM for preorder information* Product Information - 100% durable - Sleek and stylish design - Protects your laptop from scratches and minor shock damages - Comes with both the top and bottom, bottom having rubber footpads as well as vents - Polycarbonate hard case material provides ultra-thin and lightweight protection - The convex rubber foot-pad and vent at the bottom case can increases the heat dissipation more effectively - Cut out Apple Logo Available Colours * Matching Keyboard protectors are available @ $2 more - Black - Crystal Clear Transparent - Pink - Red (only for air and 13 Retina) - Blue (only for air & 13 Retina) Models Available - 12 Retina ($12) - 13 Air ($9.90) - 13 Pro with optical drive ($9.90) - 13 Pro Retina ($9.90) - 13 Pro (2016 without touchbar) ($15) - 13 Pro (2016 with touchbar) ($15) - 15 Pro Retina ($15) Mailing Information - Additional $2.50 for Singpost normal mail - Mailing proof will be provided - Will be mailed on the day of arrival Disclaimer - I am not liable for any loss of mail as well as damages after I mailed it as it is beyond my control - Item sold is non-refundable or exchangeable - If you provide us with the wrong model for your laptop we will not issue you a refund Tags: Apple Macbook Mac accessories air 11 12 13 15 17 inch keyboard skin guard protection wrist palm screen protector silicone transparent keyboard cover keyboard skin case macbook pro macbook air laptop sleeve charger bag felt dust cap preorder thelabellee decal cutout prints accessory pouch hard cover cream colored matte crystal screen protector screen guard trackpad protector trackpad guard 15 inch optical drive 13 inch optical drive cd


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