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Headlight Restoration


4 months ago by cheaponlineservice








🚨LIKE & SHARE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WILL HAVE A 10% OFF!🚨 Why choose us over other shop: ✔️We are not the best but we do have a good knowledge on car headlight. Most shops claim that have more than 5 years experience but does not have the experience of opening up the headlight and even do more things to the headlight. ✔️We have 4 years & counting experience in headlight restoration. Some seller Carousell feedbacks are mixture of their headlight restoration service and personal stuff. Since the day we created Carousell account, our feedbacks are all customers feedback after doing restoration on their headlight. ✔️We are the only shop that provide headlight case replacement. Most shops will ask you replace ur whole headlight. ✔️We are using the latest technology that have UV resistant and is only 30 minutes of work. Why choose polish method where it take a few hours and cannot last long as compared to our technology? There is a reason why shop ask you to apply a diamond or other kind of coating on to the headlight after doing polish method. It is because polish method does not last at all. Do keep a lookout at some car headlight. Some workshop like to spray lacquer or coating on to the headlight, it turn into spiderweb because the coating start to peel off. ✔️We are the cheapest in the market. Price is $50 per pair. After you like and share our Facebook, you get to enjoy 10% off which cost $45 for a pair. We charge so low for a latest technology is because the chemical we get in large quantities hence supplier is able to give a discount and we are freelance, don’t have to pay any shop rental fee. More expensive does not mean it is better. ✔️Although we are freelance, we do have a few places for you to choose. Most shops only have one place, either their home carpark or their shop. We are not only available in the night time, we are available the whole day as long you do let us know in advance. ✔️We do understand some customers do prefer old method which is polishing method. We are happy to say we do have polishing method and the price is exactly the same as the latest technology. ✔️We do not edit our photo except for putting two pictures side by side for easier compare. Some shop, the lighting in the picture is very dark. It is very obvious the picture has been edited or the shop purposely adjust the lighting before taking picture. For what purpose for doing this? To cover up the bad workmanship ? Services we provide: ✔️ Headlight Restoration For Car And Bike ✔️ Internal Headlight Restoration ✔️ Water Droplet Fix ✔️ Headlight Case Replacement ✔️ Internal Headlight Spray ✔️ Daytime Signal LED Sequential Strip With the zero COE growth, it is time to renew your COE and restore your foggy headlight. Reasons to restore your foggy headlight: ✔️If you plan to renew your COE, then it is time to restore your headlight too! ✔️Make your car look good and brand new! ✔️Your headlight will be able to shine further and brighter!

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jazzychangVery friendly guy who is dedicated with his more
51 minutes ago
thingsidontwantwas great at his job.. very knowledgable and more
6 hours ago
alvilonVery professional while being cheap, able to do more
21 hours ago