hello everyone! hope you're having an amazing day :)


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anyway here are just some things that I'll like to reinforce to ensure a smooth and happy transaction ☺ 1. once items sold non-refundable/exchangeable unless damaged POSTAGE ✉ - not liable for lost mails - postage fees not included unless specially stated in listing :) MEETUPS 👋🏼 meet ups are not recommended 2. strictly NO - lowballing (don't we all hate it) - mia/ last min backout (don't like this too) HAHA tbh I'm really chill if you don't want the item anymore just do let me know and not go mia pls 🙏🏼thank you 😚 actually that's it 😂 just rmber, feel free to ask me any questions :) I'll treat you the way you treat me 🙆🏻 • by purchasing you agree to the ^ terms and conditions THANK YOU AGAIN ❤❤❤