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🌸 BRIGHTENING 🌸 Gently and easily exfoliates skin removing all traces of makeup and dirt, including eye makeup. Gently exfoliate away dead skin for a noticeably smoother, brighter look. Infused with Olive extracts and essential amino acids to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Active Ingredients 🌸 Coconut oil amide potassium glutamate easily dissolves makeup, yet remains extremely gentle on your skin. 🌸 Papaya extract , lemon and corn extracts, to gently dissolve dead skin cells, stimulating skin cells – giving you a glowing complexion. 🌸 Olive essences provides an added layer of protection, that keeps the moisture in. 🌸 Made in Taiwan 🌸 300ml 🌸 Best before SEP 2018 🌸 No trade.