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    Helping my friend to let go his Lukgok by Famous L.P Tae Luksit Kruba Saneh Make of Bones.




    Helping my good brother to let go his Lukgok Prai by Kruba Saneh Chiangmai. Kruba saneh the abbot of Wat Chiang kan of Chiangmai. Luksit of Lp Tae of Wat Sam Ngam (king of KMT) & Kruba Duang Dee who is the luksit Kruba Sivichai the king of monk in Chiangmai Kruba Seneh started to take up the robed while he was a ghost catcher in Chiangmai. He used to help villagers from spirits and haunting ghost when nobody can help. with this talent he decided to obtain monkhood. Powerful in communication with spirits, KMT and his barangs are highly effective. The temple he is in now is directly having cemetry behind where it is the most haunted cemetry in Chiangmai and Kruba know he is there for a reason when the spirits needed him to help them. Many spirit had find him to request in helping them reduce their karma so he had make their spirit into amulet and help people and the spirits to get more good karma to reborn fast. At young age as monk Kruba went to seek LP Tae as he is keen to learn and consecrate KMY with his heart and resided at Wat Sam Ngam for a year plus. Till today he have proven exact power and almost same as his teacher. He is best in making khun paen and KMT and had learn the trade from LP Tae well since is his young and later on went to Cambodia to learn black magic in controlling of spirits, barangs, KMT and seneh with boost luck wiccha which is well known in the country and bring back the learning he continued learning sakyant in old school lannah wiccha with both ink and oil thats mixed with herbs which is good for seneh and boosting of luck. He is well known in Chiangmai to be a communicator to the spirits and kmt to command their help and support people which not all people are able to do unless with extreme learning and power.

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