Heme transparent makeup puff. Silicone puff. Flawless makeup. Hygienic. Foundation. Makeup Brush. Makeup sponge. Silisponge. Better than Beauty Blender


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Genuine from Taiwan. Please reconsider for those imitation from China as the texture is different. Improve quality and design compared to Japan. Better adherence of foundation to face. Lesser wastage compared to sponge and brush. More hygienic as you can totally wash it clean and it doesnt accumulate bacteria. Soft and bendable, easy to reach all corners of the face perfect for a flawless foundation look Size fits into a cushion Easy to wash Last you longer than a beauty blender Feels like Nubra My thoughts after using it. Its been a long time since I get excited over something I've tried. Jus gotten this silisponge made in Taiwan. Its amazing! It blended liquid foundation, cream stix foundation, bb cushion, shading stix, colourpop eyeshadow, concealer ( nt in pic but i tried later), colourpop highlighter, lipstix and even powdered blusher which I try to be funny but it works!! It is colourpop best friend as it picks them up soooo nicely and blend in jus 3 tap. I felt that it works best with cushion among the foundation. It fits perfectly, it doesnt pick up as much product like the cushion sponge and it blends so well, so well theres no streaks, no pores, it can build layers n coverage without that foundation floating on ur face look. It really smacks it down and stick to your skin. I hated how sometimes my fingers runs on my face and that part of BB cushion just streaks off, but this doesnt happen with this! And it saves so much more product!!! Time saving as well because you jus need a tissue to wipe everything off to apply your next product. The only downside is that there isnt a finger strap to hold the puff better. Otherwise it feels like a dream.. so soft and cushiony but very compact on the output. It does feel like nubra. I am very rough, pple knows me knows.. It doesnt break on my hand so it wont break on yours. ai squeezed it and roll it for the corners of my nose and its still perfect. Totally clean after a simple wash. NO BACTERIA accumulating. NO pimples and irritation anymore!!! Beauty Blender is $19.90 and a cushion sponge is $4. however you need to change it more often than this. Thus this is more cost saving. You can whipe off makeup in it easily.. wash with water n detergent easily.. doesny accumulate.bacteria.. n doesnt irritate my sensitive skin like some sponges n brushes does Mailing.

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