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HERB RITTS Limited Edition "Men/Women" Hardcover Collector’s Coffee Table Book


9 months ago by stavrosa






A sophisticated and definitive homage to the late Herb Ritts with an apropos and blatant title, “Men/Women”, this covetable magnum opus flaunts some of Ritts' finest works tastefully presented and artistically delivered. A masterpiece of male and female nudes, these two volumes capture Herb Ritts’ no holds barred appreciation of beauty, of elegance and of the human form. They emphasise his aptitude in embracing, as opposed to rejecting, the differences among human beings; thus, his reputation and legacy as a proponent advocating for people discriminated against in society. A purposeful play on light, location, texture, shape and shadow, he teases out the intrinsic essence of his subjects and the environmental elements to create the image and the moment. Poignancy underscored, period. This elegant hardback slipcase memorabilia comprises a boxed set of two volumes featuring stunning images selected by Herb Ritts from the first decade of his work in photography, all taken as a personal, thoughtful endeavour. Most of these photos were rejected for publication in popular magazines-despite their meaningfulness and creative significance-as they were deemed too risqué for their readers. Like, duh! The pleasure of the artist at work is tangible in these masterful photographs, which do not compromise Ritts’ distinct vision for the sake of public acceptance. The gorgeous men and women who rock these pages are famed for their work in modelling, but Herb Ritts’ camera captures them in a new-fangled light. Hardback black cloth boards with bright gold gilt-stamped lettering on both books and on slipcase. A fabulous dialogue piece that punches up the ambience of a study, office, home, hospitality or retail space. Specs - Height: 27.5 cm. Width: 22 cm. Overall thickness:4 cm. Printed on quality art paper stock from end to end. Pristine condition. A timeless and refined treatise on nude photography by one of the most powerful photographers in the world, this coveted collector’s precious is strictly for Herb Ritts’ aficionados or enthusiasts of black and white / duo-tone photography. This second edition is limited to 5,000 copies and is difficult to land, with many sold at auctions. Listed price is firm. No negotiation. No trade. Day time meeting and COD only.

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