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Hi Blow 80 Air Pump for fish tank or pond







Full range of hi blow air pumps Hi Blow Baby $100 Hi Blow 20 $180 Hi Blow 40 $220 Hi Blow 60 $330 Hi Blow 80 $380 Comes with delivery to your home Pic for illustration Company Info It has been more than 20 years since Techno Takatsuki started the sale of "HIBLOW" air pumps. They firstly developed magnetic diaphragm type pump in Japan and have built firm position as a pioneer in this industry. And then, Techno Takatsuki achieved the production of more than 6 million units of pumps by this time and their pumps are used various field such as medical, home appliance, aquarium and wastewater treatment system and so on. More info pls visit their website below FEATURES Durability The vibrating part has the construction that an actuating rod supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms vibrates laterally and this allows long-term continuous operation. No lubrication There is no sliding portion between moving parts so that no lubrication is required and the exhausted air is always clean. High efficiency Owing to the electromagnetic vibration construction which eliminates sliding parts, "HIBLOW" pump realizes lower power consumption and high performance. Compact and powerful "HIBLOW" air pump employs perfectly-balanced vibration mechanism using two electromagnets, one in the front and the other in the rear. This mechanism allows compact size and powerful device. Low noise Soundproofing construction from the viewpoint of air circuit and vibration is the key factor in the design of pump and "HIBLOW" pump has exceptionally quiet soud level. Smooth air flow Because the exhaust air volume is very constant and there is less pulsation, "HIBLOW" pump is suitable for the application which requires consistent air pressure and supply. Simple maintenance "HIBLOW" pump shall be used for longer period with maintenance free, however, replacement of the parts can easily be done by modular type of parts in case that diaphragm might be broken. Thanks and have a nice day

1 month ago In Fish Tank Accessories


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2019 Nov

Amazing service. I made a mistake and told him the wrong size, he offered to help me return and get the correct size. My third purchase from this seller, will definitely recommend. Thanks.