Hifiman HE400i with Lawton Audio lambskin pads and grill mod


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For sale is a used pair of Hifiman HE400i. This is the old version that comes with the SMC connectors instead of the new 2.5mm connectors. Also fitted with Lawton Audio lambskin pads worth $170 (http://www.lawtonaudio.com/hifimananglepads.html). Mods done: 1. Grill mod - removed the dust-blocking fabric glued to the grills, which removes unnecessary damping and significantly expands soundstage and increases airiness to the headphones. Mod is clearly visible in first picture. More info on grill mod here: https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/hifiman-regrilling-mod.619447/ 2. Lawton Audio lambskin pads - much longer-lasting than the stock velour pads, with increased bass extension, punch, and soundstage as it puts the driver further away from your ears than the stock earpads. No warranty. Stock cable left side SMC connector comes loose once in awhile, but you simply have to push it tight. If too much of a hassle, simply replace with an aftermarket cable. No issues with the headphones themselves. Selling because upgraded to LCD-2. Not an urgent sale so price is non-negotiable. Tags: 400i he400i he-400i he-400 he400 hifiman edition x he1000 he1000v2 he1kv2 audeze lcd2 lcd3 lcd4 lcdx lcdxc fiio fostex massdrop mr speakers ether focal utopia flow sennheiser hd600 hd650 hd800 hd800s

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