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My most transparent cable. Reference class at a wallet friendly price. Hi End Pro Audio carbon coated 6N copper RCA interconnect cable from Sommer Cable Germany. Superb transparency, bass and treble extension. Whether you listen to Metallica or Mozart, Daft Punk or Diana Krall, you get superior performance all round due to its neutrality, dynamics and transparency. Length: 1 meter pair Connectors: Amphenol RCA plugs with Heat Shrink sleeve Price: $90 Collection: Bukit Gombak mrt Advantages: Linear audio transmission due to carbon conductor smoothing to emulate the benefits of a solid wire Low capacitance due to the use of the HD-PP high-end insulating material Excellent shielding with Cu mesh screen (+ drain wire) and AL fleece High conductivity due to the use of OFC 6 (oxygen-free class 6) copper Application: Highly professional studio and installation technology Demanding OB van technology for radio and broadcasting First-class hifi connection Tags: vdh, qed, xlo, supra, canare, klotz, mogami, chord, kimber, oyaide, Cambridge, marantz, nad, rotel, kef, tannoy, mission, arcam, audiophile, wharfedale, Quad, belden

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