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HKS F-Con V Pro ECU v3.2 with HKS HP5-3 Plug and Play Harness for Honda S2000 AP1


8 months ago by ianlimweifong








The HKS F-CON V Pro is a full featured standalone engine management system that connects easily to the factory Engine Control Unit as a "piggy-back" fuel and timing controller. As modifications to a vehicle are made, the need for fuel and timing adjustments becomes critical for performance and safety. With up to 4 selectable trim maps for different fuel octane ratings, the F-CON V Pro with its 32x32 resolution for both fuel and timing maps is the optimal solution. F-Con V Pro can accommodate inputs from both map sensors and air flow meters. Features Fuel Injector control for up to 8 injectors. This can be set freely to control engines up to 8 cylinders or 4 cylinder engines with twin injector setup. 6 independent ignition settings allows for added flexibility and control. Ignition cut rev limiter has controls to use as launch control in drag or circuit use. This allows full boost to be achieved even when the vehicle is stationary. By attaching an air/fuel gauge, closed loop fuel control is possible and with built in data logging included as standard, F-Con V Pro has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. Offers the ultimate performance and tuneability, with perfect driveability and impressive fuel economy. Specifically designed for popular Japanese performance cars. The perfect answer to late model cars with drive-by-wire throttle, variable cam control or electronically controlled automatic transmissions. Easy installation with a vehicle specific loom. No wires to cut and your car can be returned to standard quickly and easily. Compatible with the full range of HKS electronics for seamless integration. Used unit. HP5-3 plug and play harness for S2000 can be sold separately.

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