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Tested, In excellent working order Physical condition is as seen on actual photo What you see is what you get Comes with USB Data / Charging cable and original rechargeable Li-ion battery High Quality, NOT Made in PRC You are welcome to see and test personally without purchase commitment MANUFACTURER'S DESCRIPTION Overview The Holux GPSlim236 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver provides a easy-to-use trip guiding tools. You are able to enjoy a brand new experience in driving with BluetoothTM technology of GPS Receiver, you could have the GPS connection without a cable, it’s more convenient and flexible. Enjoy the GPS’s life! The GPSlim236 is high performance BluetoothTM GPS Receiver which featured with: 1. Dual function (Bluetooth + GPS-mouse) 2. Compatible with BluetoothTM Serial Port Profile (SPP) completely 3. Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery without external power supply  Features ‧ Use SiRF Star III chipset. ‧ 20 - channel GPS Receiver for fast acquisition and reacquisition ‧ 200,000 effective correlators for fast Time To First Fix (TTFF), even at poor satellite signal. ‧ Built-in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator. ‧ Built-in rechargeable/ changeable Lithium-ion battery for at least 10 hours operation. Built-in rechargeable battery for memory for RTC backup and fast Time To First Fix (TTFF) Support NMEA0183 v2.2 data protocol or SiRF binary code FLASH based program memory. New software revisions upgradeable through serial interface Provide expand terminal and can contact to other system without Bluetooth device Specification: ‧ Tracks up to 20 satellites ‧ Receiver: L1, C/A code. ‧ Update rate: 1 HZ(max) ‧ Antenna Type: Built in Patch Antenna. ‧ Minimum signal tracked: -159dBm * ‧ Dimension: 46.3(W) x 67(L) x 19 (H) mm ‧ Weight : < 56g ‧ On/off switch: slide switcher ‧ Lithium-ion battery lasts for more than 10 hours of use. ‧ Operation Temperature: -10 ℃ to + 60 ℃ ‧ Store Temperature: -20 ℃ to + 85 ℃ ‧ Operation Humidity:5% to 95% No condensing Position ‧ Non DGPS (Differential GPS): ‧ Position : 5 - 25 m CEP without SA ‧ Velocity : 0.1m / sec ‧ Time : 1 μsec sync GPS time ‧ EGNOS/WAAS /Beacon: ‧ Position : < 2.2 m, horizontal 95 % of time  ‧ < 5 m, vertical 95 % of time Acquisition Time ‧ Reacquisition 0.1 sec. averaged ‧ Hot Start 1 sec. averaged ‧ Warm Start 38 sec. averaged ‧ Cold Start 42 sec. averaged Interface & Protocal ‧ Compatible with Bluetooth devices with Serial Port Profile (SPP) ‧ Bluetooth version 1.1 compliant ‧ Bluetooth Class 2 operation (up to 10 meter range) ‧ Frequency : 2.400 to 2.480 GHz ‧ Modulation: FHSS / GFSK ‧ RF channels: 79 ‧ Input sensitivity: -80dBm ‧ Output level: 4dBm ‧ Output terminal: Mini-USB (DATA I/O ﹜CMOS Level) ‧ NMEA protocol output : V 2.2 。 Baud Rate: 38400 bps 。 Data bit: 8 。 Parity: N 。 Stop bit: 1 ‧ Output Format: 。 Standard : GGA(1),GSA(5),GSV(5), RMC(1),VTG(1). 。 Optional : GLL, SiRF Binary LED Function ‧ Bluetooth , Navigation Update status Indication FAQs Q: Is it available ? A: Yes indeed, we list only available products unless stated otherwise Q: What's the condition? A: For Products are not brand new or without packaging we use actual product photos that belong to actual items on sale. If there is no particular remarks in description you can expect 100% functional product with possible wear and tear. Q: How do I buy this product? A: If you are self collecting you can use Cash / Bank Transfer / Paylah, If you wish item to be posted / reserved or requested to have meetup in mutually alternate locations Payment methods will be Bank Transfer or Paylah Q: How do I contact you? A: while averagely within 1 Hours you can expect answer on Carousell, You can also contact for speedier answers / enquiries. Contact info is provided for BBM (Best Method), Whatsapp and Call respectively. Q: Is it negotiable? A: Our prices have been adjusted to lowest possible amount. Nevertheless you may request further discount if you are - an existing customer and had smooth transaction before - buying multiple items - a person with disabilities - an active volunteer for humanitarian, environmental and animal welfare related NGOs Q: How can complete the transaction faster A: We welcome customers who wish to complete transactions quickest way. If you wish to complete a quick transaction please read the description and contact via BBM/WA or Call to provide preferred collection time. If delivery / meetup kindly complete the payment. Provide contact number / address if necessary. Please be polite and understanding which will allow extra smooth transaction DEAL OPTIONS Meet-Up 686A Choa Chu Kang Crescent Singapore, Singapore Collection at indicated location by prior confirmation. If reserved central locations can be arranged. Mailing or Delivery Regular Singpost rates or 50% discounted doorstep delivery

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Singapore 681686, Singapore

Collection at indicated location by prior confirmation. If reserved central locations can be arranged.

Mailing or Delivery

Regular Singpost rates or 50% discounted doorstep delivery