holygrail amperex bugleboy ecc83 12ax7 17mm long plate D foil getter tubes, guitar, hifi, preamp, speaker, amplifer, cd player, dac, turntable, headphone, audiophile


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holygrail amperex bugleboy ecc83 12ax7 17mm long plate D foil getter--$350 test result--48/46,45/46 http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/llczxjlpolsy/library/amperex%20bugleboy%20ecc83%20long%20plate%20D%20getter?sort=3&page=1 Getting rare 1950s date coded BugleBoy type tubes made in Holland. These are the early Holland types, long plate version with the rare foil strip D-getter. These tubes have nearly vanished from circulation. The sweet sounding essence of the Bugle Boy type, but with improved dynamics, top end, detail, and tight bass. These tubes do something that just makes all the instruments so real. I could swear the instruments are in the room with me. I’m not listening to recordings anymore. I now have live performances in my living room. tubes are tested on tv-7 tube tester use by U.S army and airforce where minimum good for 12ax7, ecc83 is 32/32. strong start around 40/40 interest call--91454638-wilson/ wilsonzxjtube@gmail.com overseas and local registered postage services are available.