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πŸŽ€ 2D natural single extensions unlimited strands : $40 nett πŸŽ€ 3D-4D volume extensions unlimited strands | 3-4 onto 1 real lash : $50 nett πŸŽ€ Volume fluffy mink extensions unlimited stands ( slight softer , fine and light weight ) : $65 πŸŽ€ Russian volume 6-9D mink extensions unlimited strands : $75-$100 πŸŽ€ Lower lashes : $25 πŸŽ€ Eyebrow trimming : $6 πŸŽ€ Eyelash removal : For extensions not done by vanitylashsg : $10 For extensions done by me no charges βœ”οΈ Silk lash βœ”οΈ Diamond lash βœ”οΈ Mink lash βœ”οΈ Eclipse lash πŸ“ Important note ! DON’T use any oil or astringent based products near your eyes. This will break down the glues sooner and will cause you to need refills more often. This includes certain makeups, lotions, makeup remover, and face washes. DON’T sleep on your face! This can be a hard habit to change, but the side you sleep on can make even your natural lashes thinner or just slight differences than the other eye that is not being smashed. Remember, your eyelash extensions lifespan and the look are a result of how you take care of them. They can be beautiful and natural looking, but you need to work for it! ------------------------------------------------ Feel free to ask or enquire for more information , would be more than happy to answer what you have in mind ! ------------------------------------------------ Located conveniently @ the heart of jurong east ( exact location would be given to confirmed appointments ) Mrt : Jurong east Bus : 79 , 143 or 143M ( alight at the 9th stop which would take 10 minutes or so only ) ------------------------------------------------ Eyelash extensions - Using only the best materials of top grade quality sourced by the best in the industries Brand: Eyelash extensions Type: Palettes

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